The Complete Travel Cot Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Travel Cot For A Sound Sleeping

The Travel Cot Buying Guide: Choosing the best travel cot

A travel cot is an important baby essential for those who like to travel and have nights away with infants or toddlers who are not currently able to sleep alone in a bed. A travel cot is essentially a portable crib that can be easily folded and unfolded offering your child a convenient, safe and familiar sleeping space no matter where you go.

Buying a travel cot for your little one can be confusing as there are so many things to consider, that can make a big difference to the quality of sleep your little one has, and indeed your experience with the cot itself.

Things to consider

Size And Portability: First things first, you want to make sure that your cot is plenty big enough for your little one. Most travel cots will be large enough to suit most children when erected, however, you also want to consider the size of the cot when folded for travel purposes. Most cots are designed to fold up into an almost briefcase-like shape similar to our Airpod Travel Cot. Alternatively, some options have a smaller overall width but are taller so choosing the right shape is important if you struggle for boot space.

Ease Of Assembly: You may know the feeling but when you arrive at your destination for a holiday or just an overnight stay the only thing you want to do is get settled and relax for a bit, so having a cot that is easy to set up is key. Look for a travel cot that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Safety Standards: As with any product your child sleeps with or sleeps in you’ll want to make sure it’s up to safety standards for extra peace of mind. Products that conform to the latest safety standards have been tested to ensure they Specifically for travel cots, you’ll want to look for products that meet EN716-1:2017 and are protected with fire resistance.

Durability: As an item that is often put up, taken down and well-travelled another important aspect to consider is durability. Choosing a travel cot with strong structural supports and high-quality mesh sides are the first things to look out for.

Sleeping Comfort: Of course, it’s pretty self-explanatory that you will want to find a travel cot that provides your little one with the best sleep possible. Take special consideration in the quality of the mattress and the materials used and ensure that it’s firm enough to provide adequate support.

Consider Any Extras: Some travel cots come with additional features or items such as travel bags. Some cots even come with handy features like removable bassinets, perfect for small infants.

Tips For Choosing The Right One

Consider Your Child’s Age: The age of your child may highlight some features that you would find helpful from a travel cot. For instance, if you have a newborn you may find that a travel cot with an optional bassinet may be incredibly helpful.

Check For Easy Cleaning And Maintenance: As with any baby bed, you may be cleaning your travel cot more often than you think. Find a travel cot that offers easy clean features like removable fabrics.

See What Others Are Saying: Take a look at some of the reviews for your chosen product and see if it has been included in any kind of parenting publications or similar to see what the pros and cons of the item are.

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